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Facts about the office


What is Activator Methods?

Activator Methods is a specific type of Chiropractic technique that uses a spring loaded device to deliver the adjustment.  This particular technique has been proven to move the bone just as well as a manual adjustment, but with more specificity.   

Do You Accept Insurance?

Currently Dr. Noble-Amerson is a Network provided for United Health Care, Cigna, and most plans with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  When you come into the office she will be able to tell you specifically if your insurance will be accepted.  

Can you check my insurance before I come in?

If you message and/or call the office, Dr. Noble-Amerson can run an eligibility check online with your information.  In most cases, the system she uses gives up to date information.  ***Any quotes are NEVER a guarantee of payment by your insurance company.***

Is Activator all you do in the office?

Dr. Noble-Amerson prefers to use Activator methods because she feels that it is better for both her and her patients, however, she can manipulate the spine if necessary.  If she is unable to adjust the way the patient prefers, then she will refer you to another local chiropractor who can.